Testimonials for Past Technical Work on Various Keyboards


Mike Boguski: Rhodes Repair

"My Mark V 73 key Rhodes needed some work so I brought it to Victor. I found his website and thought that this was a dream come true... a Rhodes expert in the GTA! I've played many Rhodes pianos before but Victor's 88 key Suitcase was the best I'd ever played. The last time I played a great Rhodes was in an LA recording studio a few years ago but...it wasn't as nice as Victor's... I was in Rhodes heaven! His work on my Mark V was excellent and I highly recommend Victor to anyone who needs anything done to their Rhodes!"

Mike Boguski (Blue Rodeo)

Richard Posner: Harpsichord Purchase

"In the summer of 2020, I began my search for a harpsichord, which I had dreamt of owning for as long as I can remember.  My search led me to the discovery of Dr. Victor Mio, a professor of music and master builder of harpsichords and restorer of other special instruments.  In 2012, he built a magnificent reproduction of the 1697 Grimaldi, which now resides in my living room and has filled my home with uplifting and joyous baroque music.  Dr. Mio taught me how to tune and care for my instrument.  Throughout the time that I have owned my Grimaldi, he has demonstrated a willingness to share his knowledge and help navigate me through the world of harpsichord ownership and maintenance.  He is kind, patient and thoughtful.  I feel blessed and privileged to have his special creation in my home."

Richard Posner (Toronto)

Mikolaj Krakowiak: Harpsichord Repair

"When I bought my first harpsichord it was not in a playable state at all. Being new to the world of harpsichords I had to search for someone that can fix it. I found Victor and contacted him. The next thing I knew I was bringing it to his home. He fixed it in record time and even gave me a discount; which was much appreciated considering I was working on a budget. He told me a lot about harpsichords themselves and showed me around his workshop which was very nice of him. I strongly recommend Victor for the job of fixing keyboard instruments such as harpsichord, clavichord, and even Rhodes keyboards."

Mikolaj Krakowiak (Toronto)

David Chester: Rhodes Refurbished

"Victor Mio recently refurbished our studio Fender Rhodes electric piano. What had become an almost unplayable instrument, Victor restored to almost brand new condition. He replaced grommets, screws, dampers and key felts to speed up the action. He also added a back check on each key to reduce the bounce, and adjusted the tines and replaced hammer tips. We are excited to have the instrument back in the studio and working perfectly. We would highly recommend Victor Mio to anyone considering having work done on his or her Fender Rhodes piano!"

David Chester, Owner of Chalet Studio (Claremont Ontario)

Bill Evans: Rhodes Refurbished

"I love the Fender Rhodes Piano. I love playing them, I love the sound it produces, I love how it responds. They appear on my favourite records. I love the story behind these wonderful instruments. I've owned several over my life time and even brought one brand new back in the early 80's. Like most I've tuned and set up these pianos myself over the decades. That being said these pianos have their quirks and they need to be maintained. I've known Victor for many years and when it was time to have my Rhodes Mk 1 refurbished, he was the man I brought it to. Victor shares my love for these instruments and he has a deep understanding of these pianos. When I first contacted Victor we discussed what I needed addressed with the piano and he presented me with some options and suggestions. The work was done in a timely fashion and the piano plays beautifully. It actually plays much better than my brand new Mk 2 did back in the day. Thank you, Victor, for all your hard work. We are lucky to have you in our musical community."

Bill Evans (Toronto)

Rick McDonald: Rhodes Repair

"I purchased a 1980 Mark II Rhodes piano from Victor & it was in excellent working condition in his shop. However, after moving it and setting it up in my home, some of the keys were not working properly. I called Victor and he gave me a Rhotorial (Rhodes Phone Tutorial). I put Victor on speaker phone & he immediately identified the problematic keys & took me through a problem-solving exercise. We identified that it was not the pick-ups through a simple test and then Victor directed me how to readjust the keys using a screwdriver. He also showed me how to adjust the volume on the notes. This was all done in less than 10 minutes. Victor is logical, methodical and a superb communicator. The piano sounded great when we were finished and that is saying something because I am a mechanical klutz. I am extremely impressed with Victor as a person due to his honesty, integrity, expertise and commitment to his clients."

Rick MacDonald (Burlington, Ontario)

Adam Seelig: Rhodes Restoration

"Victor lives and breathes keyboards, and it shows — his Rhodes restorations shine (literally and figuratively) and are a great pleasure to play. If you have the opportunity to play — or better yet, own — one of his Rhodes, you are seriously lucky. They really are among the very best you will ever play!"

Adam Seelig, One Little Goat Theatre Company (Toronto)

Travis Birch: Rhodes Repair

"Thanks so much for the amazing restoration of my '77 Rhodes Mk 1. It plays beautifully and sounds perfect; 100% satisfaction, expectations exceeded, dream come true!"

Travis Birch (Toronto)

Aldo Tersigni: Rhodes Repair

"A few years ago I purchased a 1974 Fender Rhodes 88 Key Stage Piano. Visually, it was in beautiful condition, preserved as well as a 44 year old instrument can be. However, the action was sluggish and uneven, the keys made a lot of noise, the electronics had been replaced but were substandard… it needed a complete overhaul. I considered attempting the repairs myself but soon realized that I lacked the knowledge, skills, and patience required to do this instrument justice. I was about to make arrangements to have it repaired in New York, even though the cost might be exorbitant, when I found Victor online. At first I thought it was too good to be true. Victor was not only a meticulous craftsman, but also a musician who is passionate about the instruments he reconstructs. He was also very professional, honest, and fair. Those who are drawn to the magic of the Fender Rhodes, swimming against the current of digital emulation as it were, can take comfort in knowing that there is a highly skilled individual who can repair, maintain, or transform it. I recommend Victor without hesitation."

Aldo Tersigni (Toronto)

Tony Browning: Sabathil & Son Repair

"A short number of years ago I bought a Sabathil and Son double manual harpsichord. In the time I have owned it I have been very pleased with the tone and touch of the instrument. However, it was not until Victor Mio spent a scant hour working on the harpsichord that I fully realized how full and rich the tone is. It was an extraordinary transformation brought about in minimal time, and in a clearly highly skillful, knowledgable, and experienced manner. I would wholeheartedly recommend Victor to anyone looking for upkeep on their harpsichord or other keyboard instrument."

Tony Browning (Aurora, Ontario)

Denis Keldie: Rhodes Repair

"Owning a vintage instrument is much like owning a vintage car...you need to have the skills to repair and maintain them, or know someone who does. I don't have those skills, so it was a great day when I found Victor's website. I had recently found a 1975 Stage Rhodes at a church that was in near-perfect cosmetic condition, but had apparently never been serviced in its 40 year life, so Victor did a complete restoration, bringing it up to "better than new" condition with the back-check and speed bump upgrades. I highly recommend these improvements on the playability of Rhodes pianos. Thank you Victor!"

Denis Keldie (Toronto)

Erik Solarski: Rhodes Repair (Soles)

"Victor is incredibly knowledgeable, detail oriented and provided a quick turn around at a great price. He diagnosed issues, many of which I wasn't even aware of, and kept me updated at every stage of the restoration. I'm beyond happy with the results and feel confident working in the studio knowing my Rhodes is in top working order. I will definitely be coming back to Victor with all future projects and restorations."

Erik Solarski "Soles" (Toronto)

Steve Salvatore

"I have worked with Victor for many years and have witnessed his excellent workmanship first hand. I am happy to recommend his services in Canada!"

Steve Salvatore (Zuckermann Harpsichords International, Stonington, Connecticut, USA)


"When I came to Victor's place, all I desperately needed was a couple of harpsichord strings. When I went home with a smile on my face (and the strings in my pocket), I then realized that I had met a passionate man who was willing to share the universe of knowledge and craftsmanship that nurture his artistic sensitivity. I really thank Victor for letting me in into his world... and for the strings."

Alfonso (Toronto)

Paul: Rhodes Repair

"I recently purchased a 1977, 88 key Rhodes electric piano from Victor. He let me know that it had been in poor condition when he got it but there is no suggestion of that now. Victor painstakingly restored every detail from the inner mechanisms to the legs, Tolex and paint job. He was careful to explain that he had adjusted the tone of the piano to his personal taste and even gave me direction on how to make changes. I appreciated the advice but I can't imagine improving on the sound. It is clear that Victor takes great pride in his work and he is deeply invested in ensuring that his customers are happy. I have asked for help several times since buying the piano and Victor has been fast to respond, detailed in his suggestions and even visited my house to make a small repair! I will recommend Victor's work to anyone interested in purchasing a high-quality instrument."

Paul (Toronto)

Michael: Virginal Repair

"I contacted Victor to repair the bass hitch pin rail and soundboard of my Zuckermann Virginal. In addition, I requested a new paint job. He began working on the instrument when I received news that I needed to leave Toronto "in a few days" (rather than "a few weeks" as I had originally told Victor). He not only accepted the news of the rush graciously but did an excellent job as well! I highly recommend Victor's workmanship and services to anyone!"

Michael (New Brunswick, Canada)

Mary: Unfinished German Single

"Victor lovingly brought my unfinished instrument to life a few years ago. I call her Baby Z, because she is a Zuckermann - German - Single Manual, and she is also my namesake. He is like an uncle to her, as he periodically visits her and keeps her in excellent playing shape. Because he is so kind to Baby Z, I have welcomed Victor as our newest sponsor to TFCM." For the entire article please visit this website.

Mary (Toronto)

Pierina and Ivan: Rhodes Repair

"Victor Mio restored our Rhodes Piano back to perfection. Meeting Victor was such a blessing as he is an honest and caring person who has an immense love for music. He builds and cares for unique instruments and is an excellent pianist!! Our experience was absolutely positive and we definitely recommend Victor!!"

Pierina and Ivan (Toronto)

Domenic: Clavichord Repair

"Victor was the only person I could find with the expertise and the desire to fix the clavichord that was in my possession. It is rare to find someone who can fix such a rare instrument. He was able to replace four strings, and find a solution to the unstable legs, and also tune the instrument, all at a reasonable price. Thanks to him this clavichord is now a playable instrument again!"

Domenic (Toronto)

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